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Top 3 Promotional Pens Under $1 | Recommended for Giveaways

Top 3 Promotional Pens Under $1 | Recommended for Giveaways

Pens are the easiest choice when it comes to giveaways and leave-behinds. Give a free pen at trade shows or conventions. Have pens with your company logo at the office for employees or clients who come over to visit. Arm the sales team with a bundle of promotional pens when they head out to meetings.

We’ve even recommended these pens as promotional gifts for doctors’ offices and hospitals.

There are thousands of promotional pens out there and it choosing one can be daunting. Good thing we love making lists for all kinds of promotional products.

This list of giveaway pens all cost below $1 in bulk so it’s perfectly priced for events or marketing campaigns on a budget.

1. Capacitive Stylus Pen

Stylus pen can reduce finger contact with the screen directly, release your fingers, keep your hands clean and protected, and protect your screen from fingerprints or grease as well, also provide better accuracy than your fingers. These slim stylus pens with the feature of soft tips to protect your touch screen from scratching and increase the sensitivity, the pointed tip will not come off, helpful tools for drawing, writing, and taking notes, no need to remove your gloves while using smartphones. These capacitive stylus pens own slim aluminum figures, durable and lightweight; The clip design allows you to attach these pens to your pocket, book, and diary, etc. You can rest assured to use electronic devices with a capacitive touch screen, which makes your life easier and more convenient.

2.Carabiner Retractable Cord Reel Keychain Pen

The keychain clip and pen are removable, so you can take off or use both of them, here is a lanyard hole on the pen, so you can hang it on other items as you like. Our retractable badge reel pens measure approx. 8.5 x 1.25 inches in length and width, suitable size and lightweight makes it easy to hold, carry and store. This badge reel pen is retractable, secure and sturdy enough for you to pull, it can be pulled up to approx. 29 inches, you can pull its length according to your needs, provide you enough operate space, the retractable pull pens are blue ballpoint pens. Our retractable badge reel pens are practical tools for kids, students, teachers, teens, businessmen, office worker and so on. It is available for attaching to keys, lanyards, work cards, students' cards, backpacks, and belt.

3.Stylus Touchscreen Devices Ballpoint Pen

The stylus pen is made of high-quality plastic. The top rubber tip allows you to select small icons, click small links and gives you the accurate selection, 100% compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices. The size measured 5.5" length, small size clip which can easily be placed in your pocket, purse, or wherever you like. It is great for daily use at home, school, or office. The custom logo is welcome.

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